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The prime business area of Tamaco Food A/S is to create value through an integrated collaboration with the most important Danish retail- and convenience chains and the most important players at the Danish food service market.

Our collaboration with our customers is based on a product portfolio of chilled food products and special grocery products primarily from the Southern parts of Europe. Our assortment is composed of high quality products which we are able to deliver at competitive prices. Within the different food categories where we are represented our ambition is to get a position where we will be able to meet a considerable part of our customers’ demands.

We will through a close and integrated collaboration with a group of selected manufactures of quality food products, combined with a cost effective logistic set-up, try to secure that we are creating value for both our manufactures, our customers and for our self.



Claus Hansen
Commercial Director
Tlf.: +4587362016
Mobil: +4529647021
Mail: ch@tamaco.dk
Lise Beich
Sales and logistic coordinator
Tlf.: +4587362006
Mail: lb@tamaco.dk
Randi Kok
Managing Director
Tlf.: +4587362004
Mobil: +4521793979
Mail: rk@tamaco.dk


Tamaco Food A/S
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